Chiangmai Celadon  


ทัศนี ยะจา

Business Beginnings

Khun Tassanee Yaja
Owner, Managing Director
Chiangmai celadon (2015) Ltd.,Part.

Located at 135/4 Moo 6, T. Pa Pong, A. Doi Saket, Chiangmai 50220, producing and distributing Chiang Mai Celadon glazed ceramics under the brand “ChiangMai Celadon”.
Khun Tassanee Yaja began her professional career as a bank official at Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited but with a passion for the art of Celadon glazed ceramics, Khun Tassanee has since devoted almost 25 years of her time and energy to working with celadon ceramic pottery, from 1989 until now.

ChiangMai Celadon is a brand and symbol of Chiang Mai Celadon glazed ceramics, producing and distributing Celadon, celadon ceramic, dinnerware, home décor, gifts, and souvenirs, targeting tourists and visitors to Chiang Mai province, as well as Thai customers with an interest and appreciation for traditional Chiang Mai Celadon art and Thai cultural products.


“Establishing Chiang Mai Celadon glazed ceramics in international arenas.” Driven to produce uniquely designed and high quality Chiang Mai Celadon products, under the brand “ChiangMai Celadon” to achieve recognition as the top manufacturer of Celadon, a distinctive symbol of Chiang Mai province, highly renowned amongst both Thai Celadon enthusiasts and international alike.


  • Gaining recognition for ChiangMai Celadon brand.
  • Developing the quality of production to become the world’s top producer of Celadon.
  • Establishing a knowledge center to educate youths on the art of Celadon ceramics.
  • Increasing profits and improving the quality of life for members within the organization.
ห้างหุ้นส่วนจำกัด เซลาดอนเฮ้าส์


The company’s trademark is represented by an image resting beneath the shade of a galae, a traditional Lanna or Northern Thai gable, intricately and significantly conveying the company’s identity as being of traditional Lanna heritage. The company’s name, “ChiangMai Celadon” is displayed in English underneath the gable, exhibiting the company’s stance on a global scale.


The term “Celadon” is taken from the French language. When the company began producing Celadon glazed ceramics in Chiang Mai province, the company name was chosen to represent these factors, becoming “ChiangMai Celadon”.

Presently, an intellectual property patent has been acquired for the production of Celadon, a product that signifies Chiangmai “GI” Celadon, so that when one thinks of Celadon, one naturally will think of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Celadon is classified as a Stoneware that has been glazed with wood ashes, combined with the surface soil collected from rice paddies. Once baked, the resulting product becomes a unique green color that is distinctive of the Celadon style of ceramics, beautiful and timeless.

With prior knowledge in the classic manufacturing process of traditional pottery, the glaze is produced from combining the ashes of laurel wood - a plant in the Combretaceae family - with the surface soil of rice paddies, well noted for its high iron content. Traditionally, in order for the ash-glazing process to produce a beautiful glossy coat, many layers of the glaze must be applied on to the product, causing a crazing effect in the glaze, which has become the distinctive feature of all recognized Celadon products.


Allright 2014 by: CHIANGMAI CELADON (2015) Limited Partnership

135/4 Moo 6 Doisaket - Bosang Rd., Papong, Doisaket, Chiang Mai 50220, Tel. 66-53-484693, 484695, Fax 66-53-484692
info@chiangmaiceladon.com, Website: www.chiangmaiceladon.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/chiangmaiceladon

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